Monday, January 16, 2012

a day of firsts

Today Jaks thought it would be awesome if he tried to shave his lip like daddy does his face. Didn't quite go as planned I'm thinking. He didn't even cry...tough boy.

I recently bought some used skates {which I RARELY do because 2nd had stuff kinda grosses me out} because they were dirt cheap and still looked really nice. So we too the kids skating for FHE.

At first they both HATED it...Jaks quite 30 seconds in and Kaida was whining like a baby...but I stuck with her and by golly in a few minutes she was having the time of her life and didn't want to leave.

Navy and Jaks happily stood behind the glass and watched.

But come time to leave they both wanted a turn!! We really need to get our selves some skates!!

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